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Infantry Company 2d6G1 - Combat Commands WW2 - Militärische Zinnfiguren, Masters of Military

Combat Commands WW2

Infantry Company 2d6G1

Product#: 2d6G1
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118 per pack. 2d6 1:285


G01 Command strip x4
G02 Signals strip x1
G11 Rifle Strip x12
G30 LMG1 Strip x6
G31 LMG2 Strip x6
G33 MMG x2
G44 82mm Mortar x2

Enough infantry to create a rifle infantry company with platoon and company HQ. (with historical under strength squads (8 man instead of 10), add 6xG11 Rifle strips for full strength).


4 squads in 3 platoons. Each squad consists of 1 Rifle and 1 LMG strip.

Miniatures are delivered unpainted and without decals, unless it is described in the article text.