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20 Kanonen Bomb-vessel (HMS Indignant) - at sea Napoleonwar Great Britain 1:1200 - Militärische Zinnfiguren, Masters of Military

pre WW1at sea Napoleonwar Great Britain 1:1200

20 Kanonen Bomb-vessel (HMS Indignant)

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2 Schiffe. Navwar 1:1200. Description - H.M.S. INDIGNANT x 2 12 GUN BOMB BRIGS Confounder class Gun brig launched 1805 and completed as a mortar brig in 1809. Sister ship Rebuff Tonnage 180 tons Dimensions 70’ x 22’ x 11’ Armament 1 x 8” Brass Mortar 12x 18 pdr carronades Crew 50 men Charger, Safeguard and Desperate similar, but 1 x 10” mortar.
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