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20 Kanonen Bomb-vessel (HMS Terror) - at sea Napoleonwar Great Britain 1:1200 - Militärische Zinnfiguren, Masters of Military

pre WW1at sea Napoleonwar Great Britain 1:1200

20 Kanonen Bomb-vessel (HMS Terror)

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2 Schiffe. Navwar 1:1200. Description - H.M.S. TERROR x 2 BOMB VESSELS 1776 Sisters:- Ætna, Vesuvius & Thunder. Design copied from Infernal class of 1756 which comprised Blast, Thunder,Mortar,Carcass,Basilisk & Terror. Apart from Carcass all of the earlier vessels had been lost or sold by 1774. Thunder foundered in 1781, and Ætna was broken up in 1784 but the last two served until 1812. Burthen 300 tons Dimensions 92' x 28' Armament 1 x 13" Mortar, 1 x 10" Mortar 8 x 6 pdr, 14 swivels
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