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38 Kanonen Fregatte (HMS Macedonian)

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1 Fregatte. Navwar 1:1200. Description - H.M.S. MACEDONIAN - 38 GUN FIFTH RATE Frigate of the 1799 Lively class, completed 1812. Taken by U.S.S. United States the same year she remained in U.S. service until broken up in 1835. Tonnage 1071 tons Dimensions 154' x 39' x 13½' Armament 28 x 18 pdr cannon 4 x 9 pdr cannon 14 x 32 pdr carronades Crew 300 Sisters:- Resistance, Apollo, Horatio, Spartan, Statira, Hussar, Undaunted, Menelaus, Nisus, Crescent, Bacchante, Nymphe, Sirius and Laurel.
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