pre WW1at sea Napoleonwar Great Britain 1:1200

50 Kanonen kleines Linienschiff (HMS Centurion)

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1 Fregatte. Navwar 1:1200. Description - H.M.S.CENTURION – BRITISH 50 GUN SHIP Two Deck 4th Rate launched in 1774. She saw service in Martinique and Egypt. Hulked in 1808 she became a Hospital ship and finally sank in 1824. Sisters:- Romney and Salisbury. Tonnage 1,043 tons Dimensions 146’ x 40’ x 17’ Armament GD 22 x 24 pdr UD 22 x 12pdr QD 4 x 6 pdr, Fc 2 x 6 pdr Crew 350 men (Very similar Portland class included Bristol, Renown, Iris, Leopard, Hannibal, Jupiter, Leander, Adamant, Europa & Assistance)

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