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66 Kanonen Linienschiff (Sviatoi Georgii Pobiedonosets) - at sea Napoleonwar Russia 1:1200 - Militärische Zinnfiguren, Masters of Military

pre WW1at sea Napoleonwar Russia 1:1200

66 Kanonen Linienschiff (Sviatoi Georgii Pobiedonosets)

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1 Linienschiff. Navwar 1:1200. SVIATOI GEORGII POBEDONOSETS NPR01 RUSSIAN 66 GUN SHIP launched 16.9.1780 at Kronstadt, fought at Battles of Revel and Viborg Bay (1790). Broken up 1807. Sisters:- Aziaa, Amerika, Slava Rossii, Blagopuluchie, Tvyordyi, Sviatoi Nikolai, Khrabryi, Ne Tron ‘Menia, Sviatoi Ianuarii, Sviatoslav, Trekh Sviatitelei, Vysheslav, Rodislav, Mecheslav, Boleslav, Panteleimon, Severnyi Oryol, Prokhor, Parmen, Nikanor, Pimen, Iona, Filipp, Graf Orlov, Europa, Aziaa (ii) & Pobeda. Dimensions 160' x 44'6" x 19' Armament LD 24 x 24 pdr, 2 x 7.7” Unicorn UD 22 x 12 pdr, 2 x 6.1” Unicorn FC & QD 16 x 6 pdr
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