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British Empire Infantry Company 2d6B3

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A British Empire infantry company in dress appropriate for the Mediterranean and Middle East (including North Africa, Crete and Greece.  Also suitable for invading Italy.)  Short sleeves and shorts in battle dress configuration, ie no rucksacks.


One company HQ, 3 platoon HQ leading 3 sections each.  1 Anti-tank weapon per platoon, simply swop AT rifle for PIAT during and after July/August of 1943 (Invasion of Sicily).

    B01 Command Strip x4
    B02 Signals Strip x1
    B50 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Strip x2
    B54 PIAT Strip x2
    B11 Rifle Strip x9
    B30 Light Machinegun 1 Strip x6
    B31 Light Machinegun 2 strip x3

2d6 1:285